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LAWYERS UNITED ASSOCIATION (LUA) is an Association for advocates and seekers of justice, in public interest; through judiciary.

LUA  would stand with fellow advocate(s) in times of grievance, crisis situation or in case of  victimization by the Bar or Bench.

LUA would stand for public issues where there exists gross miscarriage of justice, delay or denial in administration of justice; without adherence to the Constitution of India.


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Lawyers Probono Initiative for Social Justice.

Lawyers United Association(LUA) are team of lawyers in support of lawyers and conscience alive  people. Lawyers who defend cases probono or professionally would be supported by LUA. LUA  would support socially active individuals who work in public interest. Lawyers who are professionally threatened by those elements having counter-interest in case(s) where such accused can be convicted will be appropriately dealt with. Therefore, LUA would support lawyers defending cases in public interest or professionally.

Objectives of LUA


LUA is formed by lawyers for supporting lawyers cause, which is not happening by our current Bars across Mumbai and Maharashtra.

What are Lawyers Causes ?

When lawyer takes up certain key case(s), they are threatened to withdraw as  defending aggressively would result in conviction of those in high status and power. LUA intends holding protest against obtrusive threats by supporting lawyer(s) in bringing issues into awareness of people. Therefore, to stand up with fellow advocates in any crisis situation, LUA is founded to strengthen confidence of fellow lawyers to deliver, nevertheless of whatever maybe the outcome by upholding law and justice.

LUA for Conscientious Citizens

LUA would further extend it’s free membership to those conscientious citizens who are trying to seek quality legal advice, albeit, we may not assure defending such cases, either probono or professionally. But, for sure, we would lay the roadmap for success where advices are sought on merits of the case. LUA would consider defending probono public interest matters, wherein large individuals are affected.

LUA Membership

LUA membership is free. But, we would necessarily want those lawyers to enrol who really stand up for a cause; either in domestic or international cases. What matters is upholding dignity of law.

Legal Workshops

We intend conducting free workshops in legal drafting, prepping briefs for junior lawyers, and general public enabling them to appreciate law with better understanding of our legal process. LUA as self-run and non-funded association, would like to seek help from organization who share our vision. However, any such help solicited shall never be a compulsion.

Bar Elections

LUA lawyers would contest elections of Bar Associations in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and all across Maharashtra.

Membership Enrollment Form

Member advocates of respective Bar Associations may please register here. Membership is free. This information shall be secured with LUA to ascertain membership and for correspondence purpose.

In case of any reservation in sharing details, please read the purpose and only upon completely ascertaining objective of LUA, may you prefer registering. 

After registration, you may download our app from google play which may be useful tool.

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Founder President, LUA.

Adv. Feroz A. Shaikh.

Founder President, LUA.

Contact: 9892198673.

(Supreme Cout of India;

Bombay High Court).


President, New Delhi

Adv. Aamir Naseem.

President, New Delhi.

Contact: 9971604758.

(Supreme Cout of India;

Delhi High Court).