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In criminal proceeding the allegation hurled against accused is so grave that it becomes imperative to secure anticipatory bal for securing freedom and defending oneself.

When any person apprehends that there is a move to get him arrested on false charges, or due to enmity, or he fears that a false case is likely to be built up against him, he has the right to move the court of Session or the High Court under section 438, Code of Criminal Procedure for grant of bail in the event of his arrest, and the court may, if it thinks fit, direct that in the event of such arrest, he shall be released on bail. Anticipatory Bail can be granted by Sessions Court, High Court and Supreme Court of India.

Anticipatory can be secured with there exists apprehension of arrest and necessarily does not include registration of FIR against the accused. In such cases especially matrimonial cases, courts are lenient in granting anticipatory, when there does not exists serious allegations against the accused. However, each case is decided on its merits and does not include any blanket judgment favouring accused. In all Arnesh Kumar Judgment by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in adhered to by courts all across India.



Anticipatory bail of 72 hours.


Once court is convinced regular anticipatory is granted after FIR is registered.


Anticipatory can be granted by Sessions, High Court and Supreme Court.


When any cognizable offence is brought before the police officer it is required that FIR has to be lodged as per the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court in Lalita Kumari. However, most of time, the accusation so levelled can be bald allegations which does not in any manner narrate the truth.

Therefore, when such allegations embellished with forethought are placed before the station house officer of any police station, he performs preliminary enquiry enabling him to decide if FIR is to be lodged. In many such cases, the informant or the complainant; or for that matter the accused when called for enquiry fails to place facts which would prima facie help the officer in not registering FIR against accused. 

In such instances, registration of FIR becomes mandatory for the officer unless facts are evinced in credible manner allowing him to decide not registering FIR.



Visit to police station.


Prepping of facts before the station officer.


Collecting evidences for preparation in trial.


The defense of any case starts with trial. Appropriately defending case at this stage requires hard work and gathering evidences which becomes pivotal to survival and success of a case. Every bit of evidences are required to be gathered by the defense counsel and advocate. Any piece of relevant evidences when missed can prove fatal to a case.

Each stage of defense requires marshalling of relevant facts which must be expressed through advancing of arguments which leads to winning of case.

Such preparation is possible only when efforts are directed towards gathering connected relevant evidences which lie hidden somewhere with client, much to his chagrin and dismay, as he does not know how would that be useful to him. It is at this stage experience of a counsel becomes useful as it determines the course of entire case. Appropriate strategy at trial stage will ensure winning of case in best interest of client.



Understanding case from perspective of client with reference to legal provisions.


Collecting evidences from the client.


Marshalling of facts appropriately along with researched appropriate judgments.


For urgent legal advice or second opinion pertaining to case, please call us at phone numbers provided. You may pay fee online and connect.

In fast moving volatile legal situation, it becomes imperative to secure legal advice from practicing professionals. It would definitely help towards becoming more informed and would help in strategizing the entire case going forward.

You may prefer to connect with us in case of your legal requirement for which we charge you small fee for covering our time investment and ensuring you get best legal advice within limited time span. Such advices go a long way, and as practicing professionals we are well aware of the legal implications of cases that we intend to defend. 

As a first step, having a complete vision of the case is by far most important aspect traversing forward in legal battle. Sometimes, various exit strategies maybe preferred depending on requirement of our client. 

However, please note, facts of the case are important. Facts include evidences which are relevant to your case, which we help you in collating for the benefit of case, based on merits of the case.



Online legal advice for matters requiring urgent attention.


Facts of the case beforehand to be evaluated.


Incidental and long term legal strategy for defending case.

Best Practicing Trial Lawyers

Our focus is on providing quality representation to clients starting from trail stage till final disposal of case. We defend in JMFC, CMM Courts till High Courts and Supreme Court of India.

Criminal Defense

We provide qualitative representation to our client at trial stage in various courts all across India. We have our offices at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi.


Family Court Matter

Family matters including defending in various family courts across India. Matters matters may specifically involve provisions of s.498A, and domestic violence act.

NRI Matters

In family matters involving NRI’s we represent from criminal side in domestic violence and defend cruelty, including counter filing against aggrieved party.


Writ Petitions

Writs can be filed in High Courts, including Supreme Court. There could be instances where police in connivance with one party is administering injustice to to other.

Election Petitions

These petitions are filed under RPA and Constitution of India. These are violations pertaining to election law which can be filed in High Courts or Supreme Court.


Probono Services

We believe as socially responsible citizens we should undertake cases based on larger social interest of the society. Such cases are fought probono, free of cost.

High Courts (All India)

We have practicing advocates all across India who are in position to defend cases in High Courts across India. Such cases could be criminal or civil. 

Supreme Court of India

Apex Court is the final court in India. We have practicing advocates team in Supreme Court, including several senior counsels and advocates-on-record.

CMM Courts

Usually, JMFC or CMM courts are the ones where trail ensues. Defending clients at this point is very crucial to the health of any case.

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