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WRITS LAW INT. & LEGAL COUNSELS (UK) LTD., provides international legal services globally.

Secure legal services globally in contracts, litigation, retainership and much more.

Better cost advantage, quality deliverance and business support.

Secure data on cloud. Best ROI.

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Contract Drafting, Reviewing Services

Get contracts drafted from scratch, reviewed, redlined, blacklined for domestic or international transactional requirements in any global locations in U.K., U.S., Europe, APAC etc with connoisseurs in the field having two decades expertise handling international contracts of Fortune 500 organizations around the world, having handled trillions of dollars worth in contracts. Our services are at disposal for startups and for million pounds worth companies alike.

  • Get contracts drafted, reviewed in UK, USA, Europe etc.
  • Cloud based workflow.
  • Better cost advantages.
  • Quality delivery.
  • Services for businesses, startups to multinational organizations.

Litigation Services

We have experienced lawyers who competently have litigated for Fortune 500 organizations around the globe. Having appropriate legal skillsets right for your business use, right from e-discovery to cloud based documents reviewing in various softwares utilized for large scale litigation in various verticals viz. finance, banking, insurance, real estate, IT companies to name few.

  • E-Discovery software solutions.
  • Software and data integrity at client’s secure end in cloud.
  • Litigate with cost advantages at best quality.
  • Global office support for work.

Global Retainership

Competent retainership for organisations of various sizes, small scale startups to Fortune 500 sized giants. We provide global retainership to global corporations who preferably would want to keep running legal expenses at competitive level, as well get the best out of its legal department; from inhouse or external counsel. Couple of decades of international expertise handling various clients would provide edge to the businesses around the globe.

  • Hire our legal experts globally.
  • Trained lawyers.
  • 100’s and over lawyers available for legal work.
  • Certified lawyers from Bar.
  • Best cost advantage and quality assurance.

Global Legal Services


Get international, domestic contracts drafted, reviewed and redlined, and negotiated.


Litigation consumes most of business budget. Litigate now at competitive soft prices.

Global Retainership

Get qualified lawyers for your business at affordable workable prices tailormade.

Case Summarization

Get cases summarized with best lawyers talent pool to choose from and save costs.

ICC Court of Arbitration

International engineering claims, document review and buildups for ICC Court of Arbitration.

Contracts Administration

International infrastructure  projects in housing, hotels, embassy, waterfront etc.


Get best lawyers for executing e-discovery on your cloud based platform for security. 

Hire Lawyers

Hire hundreds or thousands of lawyers at competitive fees for inhouse or external projects.

Cost Advantage

Get all benefits from best qualified lawyers to save maximum costs on legal projects.


What's Included

  • Commitment to saving cost for legal departments.
  • Honesty and transparency with utmost professionalism.
  • Quality without cutting corners. MSA and SoW executed.

How it all Works

  • Initial enquiry and understanding business requirements.
  • Detailing cost benefit and ROI for business houses.
  • Delivering quality and business specific deliverables.

What to Expect

  • Quality legal services at best cost. 
  • Costs to keep your business expenses down and for running efficient legal team.
  • GDPR, and data security, as entire system is cloud based.

Legal Services

Cost advantage with better quality without cutting corners and allied legal services 

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